The Mighty Have Fallen

Life is an adventure of many turns, hills, and valleys. During my adventure, I became a CHS (Confidential Human Source) and Independent Contract for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My undercover name within the FBI was "The Lobbyist". However, over the course of a couple years of undercover work, I went by many other names, as well. During the course of my two years of work in the political corruption department, I tracked, noted, and collected lots of evidence to document my experience. Ultimately, it led me to writing my own book.

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My Work For The FBI

My work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not start with an application, however, there was an interview. Several, in fact. The FBI needed me to help them solve some cases, and to catch some dirty politicians throughout the nation. In exchange, the United States Attorney’s Office would make a special request to the court regarding a case I was indicted on in January of 2018.

After the interviews and formalities, we set off on an adventure that would go as none of us could have possibly planned. We would catch some dirty politicians, of course, however, I would also become familiar with a lot of practices of the Bureau, as well as ongoing investigations and persons of interest, and get into a challenging situation with the Bureau myself.

When I began my work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I was assigned to the Political Corruption Department. The subject who we were pursuing was a known male who had a lifetime of allegations of sexual misconduct with women, even including a minor. I happened to know this individual, but unbeknownst to me and many others, it was believed by the FBI that he could be tied to a known sex trafficking organization. Due to jurisdictional restrictions, we were no longer able to pursue the individual for those suspected crimes.

While with the FBI, I became good at my job rather quickly. The agents were always surprised by how speedily I could get the evidence we needed. I could generally get evidence under the timeline needed and under budget. Other offices started to hear about my quick results, then started to reach out to my handler to recruit me to help them with their investigations.

About The Book

"The Mighty Have Fallen"

The Mighty Have Fallen is the account of a multiyear federal political corruption investigation run by the FBI and their sole Confidential Human Source for the case, Derek Bluford. Mr. Bluford’s work started with former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and his corrupt elected friends, and then expanded throughout the nation as he was recruited by other FBI and law enforcement agencies. Learn how these dirty politicians used their influence, money, and power to siphon millions from taxpayers through sneaky government contracts across the country.

Written by Derek Bluford, who served as an FBI Confidential Human Source, this insider account provides detailed information regarding illegal acts committed by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mayor Toni Harp, City Controller Daryl Jones, Congressman Greg Stanton, and other politicians in cities throughout the United States.

Mr. Bluford started as a young entrepreneur and was recruited into the world of dirty politics by former NBA superstar, Kevin Johnson. Little do Johnson and his network of corrupt politicians know that Mr. Bluford is working for the FBI and will soon bring down their crooked house of cards.

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This tale of corruption and greed takes the reader inside the double life of Derek Bluford, whose code name was “The Lobbyist”. Discover ongoing investigations as they reach into the 2020 presidential campaign and also implicate various nonprofit political action committees.

While primarily an intriguing story of what’s wrong in American politics, it is also a story of redemption for Derek Bluford, as he fights to regain his legitimacy amid a political landscape riddled with corruption.