Who is Derek Bluford?

Entrepreneur, Author and Public Safety Enthusiast 

Derek Bluford is a serial entrepreneur, public safety enthusiast, and author. He was raised in California and went to college in Arizona, graduating with a degree in legal studies before pursuing a degree in business management. Mr. Bluford has founded and owned several companies, ranging from legal services and government technology solutions to co-working spaces and a private security company.

Mr. Bluford has lived a very unique life which many would say has tilted on both sides of the law. After being offered an opportunity to use his unique skills and relationships by the government, Mr.Bluford committed himself to working to help take down political corruption and other organized crime.

As a child, he often bounced around from school to school, as his mother could not hold a stable place for them. That happened from elementary until high school. After being expelled from school, moving, and finding himself in trouble, he wound up in the juvenile school system. He had nothing but time to focus on my studies, and then actually ended up graduating early.

After receiving his high school diploma, he signed up for community college and started taking all business and law classes. For the first time, he was truly excited about his courses and about learning. There was one particular teacher that he was very fond of. His name was Brian Bedford, and he Derek believed that he was simply amazing—one of the few people in fact that Derek wanted to aim to be like. Mr. Bedford was educated, smart, and overall just astonishing. He was both a professional basketball and professional football player. He then retired and worked with a fortune 500 company in their legal department, and then became an educator. And he was black. A true unicorn.

Derek would end up becoming the first in his family to earn a degree. He not only earned a degree in legal studies, but graduated magna cum laude. It was a true sign that Derek loved business and law.

Some years later, he pursed a business degree. Eventually, after seeing success in his various entrepreneurial ventures, he was asked to speak at Stanford University—which had always been his dream school. 


Member of The National Society of Leadership and Success


Young Years

For Derek Bluford, growing up was a true struggle. Born to a challenging mother, young Mr. Bluford often found himself responsible for such things as figuring out how to get money to keep the lights on and food in the house, and even for paying the rent. He also felt very protective of his older brother, and often took on his mother’s wrath in order to spare him. Through these experiences and many more, Mr. Bluford was thrust into adulthood at a very early age.

Mr. Bluford had the smart idea to begin recording and documenting everything that occurred. That way, no one could question his side of the story if he ever found himself in trouble. Unfortunately, he did find himself in trouble with the law early, often through desperate means to pay rent and get to school. These situations further reinforced Mr. Bluford’s dedication to his documentation and cataloguing efforts.

For years, it was him against the world, and Derek Bluford was not going to let the world take him down.

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911 Live 

A mobile app that will allow consumers to text, video chat, and send exact location details.

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A mobile app that will allow consumers to text, video chat, and send exact location details.


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